Abuse-Deterrent Technology

pill cutout

Depiction of the tablet showing layers is an artist interpretation. It is not created to scale and is provided as a visual representation only.

SentryBond is designed to provide multiple levels of protection

  • Resists physical manipulation
  • Resists chemical extraction
  • Resists manipulation or transformation for injection


The SentryBond technology platform combines inactive excipients with active pharmaceutical ingredients in a tablet that is specifically designed to frustrate abuse via various methods of manipulation and routes of administration. When subjected to physical manipulation and/or attempts at chemical extraction, SentryBond is designed to maintain the intended release profile of extended-release products and to delay the release of immediate-release products. SentryBond technology imparts its abuse-deterrent characteristics via physical and chemical methods, without the use of antagonist or aversive agents. SentryBond technology is covered by an issued U.S. patent, with multiple U.S. and global patent applications pending.

SentryBond is designed to provide multiple levels of protection.

  • Tablets formulated with SentryBond resist physical manipulation in preparation for intranasal or intravenous administration.
  • Tablets resist chemical extraction in a variety of household and laboratory solvents.
  • If tablets are manipulated with electronic tools and placed in a small volume of injectable solvents, SentryBond tablets form a viscous mass that resists drawing solvents and manipulated material through filters or needles for intravenous administration.
U.S. Patent Numbers: US-11045422-B2, US-10736850-B2, US-10736852-B2, US-10314788-B2