Advancing healthcare through science and technology

Advancing healthcare through
science and technology

PROTEGA Pharmaceuticals Inc. is an innovative specialty pharmaceutical company focused on responsible pain management. We have focused our efforts on the development of novel abuse-deterrent products.

Our Mission

We are committed to patients by offering innovative therapies

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a valuable partner with medical practitioners by providing innovative therapies that exemplifies our commitment to patient health and safety



Abuse-Deterrent Technology

The SentryBond technology platform combines inactive excipients with active pharmaceutical ingredients in a tablet specifically designed to frustrate abuse via various methods of manipulation and routes of administration.

Pill Cutout

SentryBond is designed to provide multiple levels of protection

  • Resists physical manipulation
  • Resists chemical extraction
  • Resists manipulation or transformation for injection

Depiction of the tablet showing layers is an artist interpretation. It is not created to scale and is provided as a visual representation only.